Then AND NOw

A History in Brief

Dimensions Architecture Studio, then branded as Dimensions Incorporated, was formed in 1992 by three partners.  Each of the founding members was a licensed architect who brought their own flair and expertise to the company by focusing in different areas of business and architecture.  During Dimensions’ early, formative years, two of the three partners sold their stock in the company to Michael C Perry, AIA who then become the sole owner and thus the entirety of the driving force in terms of business leadership and design ideology.

Mr. Perry was the principal architect for Dimensions for nearly 30 years and influenced the success of the company with a friendly, client oriented philosophy coupled with an old school, hands on approach to design solutions.  The success of which is measured both in the volume of completed projects and the retention of a strong client base.  As Mike approached the end of his tenure as president and looked forward to a well earned retirement, he opted to sell the ownership of Dimensions to ensure the company's continued success.

The transition was completed 2022 when Mr. Perry sold the business to Jeremy Smith, who had formerly been an employee mentored by Mike. Jeremy assumed the role of president full time and has continued the processes originally created by Mike, only adding touch of new technology and technique. Taking leadership queues from Mike, Jeremy employs the same traditions of personal client relationship while coupling design strategies with sustainable ideals and computer assisted analysis.  The firm remains strong by supporting and promoting existing clients and seeking new means and methods to expand its portfolio of services and abilities. The next chapter for Dimensions is made possible by continued growth and the acknowledgement that our clients make us who we are.

Goals/Mission Statements

  • We seek to promote sustainable development with an emphasis on energy efficiency, modern technology and integration of updated systems.  We are always looking for ways to integrate modern best practice methods in an environment facing energy shortages and climate change.
  • We work on small to medium sized projects so we can remain involved with our clients face to face and get to know them on a personal level.
  • We promote architecture as a profession and seek to educate the next generation of designers while promoting architecture as both parts professional practice and a members of the art and design community as a whole.
  • We acknowledge and promote human rights through universal design and a business philosophy that promotes the acceptance of clients and employees regardless of ethnicity, physical ability or gender identity & preference.

Jeremy Smith, AIA, NCARB

Principal Architect / President
  • Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Idaho
  • Masters of Architecture from the University of Idaho
Active State Registrations:
  • Washington
  • Oregon
Ongoing Goals:
  • Support the next generation of architects through IDP mentorship
  • Add licensing for the States of Arizona
  • Complete LEED AP accreditation
  • Travel to Italy

Mike Perry, AIA, NCARB

Project Architect (Former Owner)
  • Bachelor of Architecture & Urban Planning from University of Washington
  • Master of Architecture from University of Colorado
Active State Registrations:
  • Washington
  • Oregon
Ongoing Goals:
  • Live the retired life
  • Travel the world